It's a new year, so that means new resolutions. We have always been about ethically produced and sustainable product. This year, and for the indefinite future, we are upping our efforts to do even better and purchasing fabrics without synthetic fibers, unless it is deadstock (fabric that is no longer being produced). Why, you may ask. Mother Earth needs a break!

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Did you know that it takes up to 200 years for nylon, rayon, and polyester to fully decompose in the landfill?! That's crazy talk! Unfortunately, it's not just talk, it's a fact. Even when you think you are doing good, and donate your items, many of your product ends up in the landfill. Instead, donate directly to a local women's shelter in your community.

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Over the next few seasons, we will be weeding out our fabrics that contain synthetic fibers. We have found some beautiful organic cottons and merino wool for our elevated basics. We can't wait for you to feel the luxury in these fabrics. Let's be responsible together. Buy less and invest higher quality pieces that work effortlessly from season to season. In the biz, we call this 'Slow Fashion'. Let's do this, simply because we deserve better.

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